In Person Training


Get fantastic results training in your own home, gym, or private studio

You can choose to train in your own home, utilizing your own equipment. If you don't have a home gym, its not a problem.  Brian travels with an extensive supply of training tools so that anyone can get a great workout anywhere. 

Why Work Out At Home?  People who work out at home lose more weight and keep it off longer than people who workout only at a gym, according to a recent University of Florida study.* For many, the greatest obstacle to physical fitness is getting to the gym in the first place. Brian creates safe, effective and challenging workouts, whether you have a home gym or not, using your equipment, his, or a combination.

Online Training

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Live training and fantastic results brought to you crystal clear anywhere on the device of your choosing!

Training online brings my clients the guidance, information, and accountability they need at a much lower cost than training in person. Online training is available anywhere worldwide where you have an internet connection. Its a great alternative for clients outside of my in-person service area as well as serving as a great way for my in-person clients to augment their training or have the services they want when they travel.

Workplace Boot Camp

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Bring new meaning to team building!

Brian also works with corporate partners to bring group fitness to the work place.   I bring fun and enthusiastic workouts tailored to the abilities of each individual in the group, regardless of their fitness level.   Not very much space is required and very little gear.  A set of high quality resistance bands is all I need to train your team indoors or out.  Boot camp is a great way to help your people relieve stress and build camaraderie.  Please reach out to me so I can tell you more!