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"Brian Day has taken me from someone who ached after simply walking around the block to someone who is ready for competition.  Brian's approach can easily be summed up in one word:  customized.  He sees what the client needs and can change a workout on the fly to accommodate an individual's strengths and weaknesses.  Brian's personal training skills and knowledge are clearly apparent, and his personality makes the workout engaging and fun.  If you are looking to jumpstart your fitness routine or take yourself to the next level, Brian is the guy!"

Bobby Eberle

Sienna, TX


"If you are looking to optimize your workout sessions, with a personal trainer, find your way to Fitnessbyday!  Thanks to Brian Day, I look forward to my exercise sessions, and have realized major results in the nearly 1.5 years  I  have been exercising, under Brian's supervision and guidance.   Not only have i  toned up, lost inches, and pounds, but I have also improved work/ life balance, and sleep habits, while raising energy levels significantly, both physically and mentally.  Brian provides ease in scheduling appointments to match your needs and lifestyle, and you can work out in  Brian's studio, or virtually, whichever your prefer.  What ever amount of time and money you invest in working out with Brian, rest assured there is not one minute of wasted time in each and every work out session with Brian, and that's done with consistency.  Give Brian a call and  try a work out  session .   Brian will work with you at your capacity, no matter your age or ability, and develop an individualized plan for you, and you go from there.

You will be amazed at the results!   I know I am! "

Cyndi Lombardi

Missouri City, TX

"If you're looking for a local personal trainer, look no further than Brian Day. He is conveniently located in Sienna and does both in person and online training. I've been going to Brian for two years and his knowledge about muscles, nutrition, and the overall body continue to amaze me. Very professional and involved. He cares about his clients overall results. He builds a program based on your agenda, not his, like so many other trainers do. I highly recommend Brian Day to help make you healthy and feel alive. "

Sam Debner

Sienna, TX

“Since starting training with Brian Day last year I am no longer the guy who gets sand kicked in his face. Instead he has managed to get me fit (against my best efforts to look for an easy way) and to do it in a way that is highly entertaining as well as highly efficient. Brian is a great motivator and training, and in addition to this, his knowledge is astonishing. As a research physician I know a fair bit about the body, but he knows far more when it comes to the anatomy and physiology of fitness. I know this as I often ask fairly abstract and technical questions. I have yet to find Brian lacking. This is clearly reflected in the exercises he puts you through, each session be customized to the needs, injuries, and overall plan. AND, in addition to getting you fit, he throws in free teaching on essential subjects (all things car related, movies, books, BMW’s, etc...). Alas he is wise to tricks for slacking off or using incorrect techniques to making things a little easier, but I guess if one wants to get fit in a healthy, injury free manner, that is not a bad thing. So, as long as you don’t try to steal my slot- I totally recommend trying a training session with Brian Day, you’ll stay on.”

Jonathan Picker MD PhD

Boston Children's Hospital

"My physical therapist referred me to Brian about 1.5 years ago. I had a lower back injury for a few years that ultimately led to nerve pain. He started off very slow trying to increase my strength in my back. As I got stronger he increased my workouts. What I really like about Brian is that he is always able to modify an exercise. He puts a lot of effort into the mechanics of how I  should and can be doing an exercise to best meet my needs. He pushes me to work hard and challenge myself. Since we started I am amazed at how great I feel. I am motivated to do my workout on my own so I am fully prepared for our weekly online sessions. We talk a lot about nutrition and balancing my workouts. When Brian said he was moving to Texas I  didn't think  I would stick with the online sessions. However, I now look forward to seeing him online and being able to continue his fantastic personalized program."

Liz T. 

“Brian is not only a terrific motivator, he is EXTREMELY knowledgeable and professional in his approach to my personal training program. Brian is always available to answer my questions and to try new methods to help me achieve my goals. What’s really great about training with Brian, though, is his ability to push me to my limits, especially by introducing much needed variety into my fitness plan. I’m never bored and the best part is this: It’s working! I’m looking and feeling great! ”

Teresa Deskins

Santa Monica, CA

"I have worked with Brian since 2001, which should tell you something right away.  I met Brian after my ACL surgery primarily to help with rehab and to strengthen my other knee.  Brian's excellent and specific knowledge of anatomy and physiology helped me recover very quickly.  Since we worked so well together and he's a great guy to be around, we continued for the next almost 20 years.  Of course, we moved on to more general fitness where he also excels.  I got stronger and more physically fit.  His exercise regimens were tailored to my needs and he varied them so they were never boring but I was able to measure and mark my improvement.  Massachusetts' loss is Houston's gain."

Fred G.

Boston, MA


“Brian is very professional and succeeds in getting the desired results. He works within your personal timetable and builds you a custom program to achieve results for any level of performance. His ability to extend personal limits is amazing. I would recommend his services to anyone looking to attain short or long term results.”

Ron Cambell, US Army Explosives Technician (EOD)

"Following an ATV accident and the subsequent Physical Therapy, I searched for a personal trainer to help me fully regain my strength and mobility, and found Fitness by Day. Brian Day had the credentials and experience I was seeking and was recognized for his skills in the Boston media. For five years, I worked out with Brian weekly, and enjoyed each session. Brian’s style and approach is open and consultative, he “met me” where I was mentally and physically post-accident and helped create a workout plan to achieve my goals. An added benefit for me were the great chats we enjoyed during the workouts. I’m thankful I met Brian and highly recommend him as a personal trainer."

Kathleen M.


"Working with Brian through many years, he helped me remain healthy and strong through injuries and even Cancer. If overall health is important, not just looking good, Brian is the one."

John Ferrari


“Brian is knowledgeable, entertaining (he can afford to be. I’m the one doing the exercises and sweating and sweating) and a great motivator. He took my baby boomer status as a real challenge, successfully working around my tennis elbow, rotator cuff problems, and slight (emphasis on “slight”) midriff bulge and devised an excellent exercise program for me. Brian listens, analyzes, and motivates. I’m delighted with the results. ”

Joe McBrien

Broxville, NY


"Brian's workouts are very tough & effective without being torturous.  I have had zero injuries under his care.  He is a longtime fitness professional who keeps up with cutting edge trends & knows how to mix it up. He is 100% dependable & on time every time.  Fitness by Day Client for 4 years."

Joanna Schmergel

Lincoln, MA​

“Occurs every Tuesday effective 2/4/2014 from 5:45 PM to 6:45 PM.”  That’s the recurring Outlook appointment I put in my calendar five years ago.  And it still stands (along with a recurring Thursday appointment).  That alone should tell you something.  After years of starting and stopping gym memberships and wasting money on them, and making excuses about being too tired to work out, it was time to make a commitment to lifelong fitness. 

An online search led me to Brian, who I subsequently learned had actually set up a fitness room at one our affiliate companies!  Brian is wonderful to work with (despite pushing me to do dreaded pushups).  He’s always upbeat, easy to talk to about many things (including non-exercise topics like what to cook, what car to buy, politics, movies, travel, you name it).  Seriously though, his workouts are thorough, exhausting and beneficial, not only for well-being but for training for other activities like skiing and golf.  Over the years, we’ve trained in person and using FaceTime and I love the flexibility as it means I don’t have to miss an appointment if I am out of town.  A+ all around, but as one of the other trainees said, just don’t try to nab my spot on the calendar! 

D.C., Brookline, MA



"Brian has been training my high school son Greg for the past year and a half and the results have been truly transformational! Simply said- there is no more knowledgeable or effective trainer around!"

Neal Mackertich

Hopkinton, MA


“Brian has been able to adapt my training not only to my schedule, but also to the seasons. In winter time, when it is way to cold to train outdoors, Brian comes to my home with a colorful array of resistance bands and dumbbells. Using this equipment -plus my couch and other items of furniture!- Brian created an innovative and fun program that toned and strengthened core muscles. Now that summer is almost here, we’re into the outdoor phase with training that combines interval sprinting and resistance training, again using the bands. All in all, its a fabulous workout, either indoors or out!”

Samantha McGarry

Framingham, MA


"Having never cared for my body or fitness I finally realized I needed proper guidance and attention to change and fix a part of me I neglected. With no set goal on my mind Brian helped train me, educate me, and learn more about myself and my capabilities. The results have been seen in every day activities as well as long term fitness and diet. "


Upton, MA


“I began working with Brian Day in October of 2003 and have enjoyed every session. I was as physically unfit as one could be— Brian helped me to work wonders. Brian is very knowledgeable about fitness and psychology— he can talk me into a set when I’m not particularly “feeling it.” The difference In how I feel today and what I’m able to do still amazes me. Brian designs a program around his client’s needs, desired results, and fitness level. My program consists of training using free weights, a balance ball, my Reebok step, and bands. Brian is creative and flexible in coming up with new and different routines. No workout is ever the same. My weekly routine is producing the results that I desire. As a matter of fact, I’ve given my friends, associates, and loved ones in the area a session with Brian as a gift. Working with Fitness By Day has proven to be one of my better investments. ”


Boston, MA


"As a mid40s software engineer leading a sedentary lifestyle with aching joint pains and possible trending towards carpal tunnel, I approached Brian with the request of not becoming a muscle-head, but the thought that I'd like to have a lifestyle that allows me to strengthen my core and flexibility in the long run. After a year+ of working with Brian Day, I'm incredibly happy with this progress and I can honestly say that my joints are ache free and I haven't had a problem with my arms / wrists in some time now."


Hopkinton, MA


"I'm not one of those people who wakes up in the morning and says "oh goodie, it's morning, I think I'll work out".  In fact I pretty much loath working out and can usually find another reason why I don't have time (cleaning the vegetable drawer of the refrigerator... dogs teeth need brushing ...) almost anything will do as an excuse.  That is until I started working out with Brian Day.  At first Brian would come to my home and for the past year he's been training me via FaceTime.  Both are fantastic.  Even when my motivation is at an all time low point, he manages to get a good 45 minutes work out of weight lifting, band work and cardio.  I started working with Brian 15 years ago when I was getting a bigger motorcycle.  I wanted to work on strength and balance. We achieved that and as the year's progressed it became even more important to keep active and strong.  Brian provides that base-line of weekly exercise that I can fill in around on my own.  I highly recommend Brian for those motivated for training (and especially those of you with erratic motivation)."


Newton, MA

"I attended boot camp classes led by Brian for close to 5 years in the Boston area and would re- arrange my schedule not to miss one.  He's very knowledgeable and works to make sure you're doing things the right way.  I would highly recommend!"

Lisa R.



"Brian Day is the ultimate professional and his knowledge of anatomy and strength training is impressive.  I had the pleasure of working with him for years in the Boston area, and though many years his senior, he was able to develop programs that worked for me with my shoulder and knee issues.  He was always prompt and dedicated to helping you achieve your goals in a way that was never boring and always changing.  In addition to all of that I found him to be a delightful person to be around.  I wish him only the best in his new venture and hope you will all jump on board to use his services.  It doesn't get any better."

Beverly W.

"I have used Brian and Fitness By Day for many years and it was the best decision I could have made!  I started when I was coming back from a specific injury to my back, but long after that was "fixed" I continued working with Brian on a whole variety of different fitness areas.  Whether he would come to my home or he would provide workouts virtually online, he has a great knowledge of all areas relative to fitness and really tailored to my age, history, goals, etc.  Would highly recommend Brian and Fitness By Day!"

Paul P.

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