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What are the best tech tools for online personal training?

Thanks to Peloton and Mirror advertisements nearly everyone has seen that online personal fitness training is a reality. I'm a huge proponent of at home exercise and I love that these products are on the market. They bring attention to what really is the future of fitness while also serving as useful tools for many.

Are they really the best way to get live expert guidance online, though? The short answer is no when it comes to live personal training. The devices you already own may lack novelty and inspiring ad campaigns, but they do a far better job eliminating the limitations of online training. You already own all of the tech that you need to workout live with your trainer online.

  • Provides clear audio and video between client and coach.

  • Can easily be re-positioned to allow the trainer to examine all planes of movement from a variety of heights and angles.

  • Goes anywhere you want to workout anytime (your home gym, hotel gym, local park, etc)

Sounds complicated, right? Its as easy as putting your phone or tablet in a small portable stand. That's it. Want a larger screen to view on? Simply cast to your TV or monitor anytime you like from the device you already own. Super simple. 3) Better still is that your phone and tablet let you take advantage of ALL of the exercise equipment you already own. Perhaps today's workout includes some sprints up your sloped driveway, pull ups in the garage, interval laps in the pool, and some seated rows on the machine in the basement. Want to stretch out on the grass to wrap things up? No problem because when you train online with your phone or tablet you can take your trainer anywhere you want without restriction. *Fitness By Day has been working with clients online since 2000. Put Brian's expertise as an Exercise Physiologist and Personal Trainer with over 20 years experience to work for you in-person or live online anywhere. Learn more at and

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